Blue Edge Financial – Crypto Academy Download

Blue Edge Financial – Crypto Academy Download

Getting Into Cryptocurrencies Right Now Is Kinda Like Getting Into Internet Startups In 1990’s!

Crypto is the greatest technological advance since the internet, and is growing faster than the internet did back 35 years ago…

Blue Edge Crypto helps you:

Shortcut the learning curve by learning from experts with over a decade worth of crypto experience

Know where you could potentially invest before coins go viral

Predict tops & bottoms of markets using our unique data driven approach, not opinion

If you’re looking to get started in crypto, or looking to take your crypto gains to the next level, your search is over.

Everything You Need To Crush The Crypto Markets!

Exclusive Research

Get access to our world class research before the rest of the world! Stay up to date & have an understanding of the crypto markets that you can’t find for free on YouTube.


The Spiral Guide algorithm was built by crypto fund manager Lee Rider. The SGA will help predict potential tops / bottoms & aid in increasing risk adjusted returns!


Chat with experts in the crypto space from expert traders to sophisticated quant analysts.



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