ChartEngineers Course Download

ChartEngineers Course Download

Table of Contents

SyllabusContains all the theory you need to excel your understanding of price. The Syllabus is well organized and consists of 9 separate videos where we cover the following topics: Market Structure, Liquidity, Price & Time, Fair Value Gaps, Price Delivery, Entry Techniques and 2 videos where we explain how to put the theory into practice which will include 2 different trading strategies. After watching and extensively studying the Syllabus, new Engineers should be familiar with the way CHARTENGINEERS approach the markets.
Weekly CommentariesAn in-depth review of the trades taken during the week, where we will provide an insight into our thought process before, during, and after the trades taken. This will be released on the CHARTENGINEERS platform every weekend.
CommunityThe Engineers will receive daily trade plans, a room to discuss their ideas with other traders, and a hub to find like-minded individuals to help achieve their goals. The platform will be the place for live market interactions. The community is a place to put theory into practice.
24/7 Private SupportThe Engineers will have 24/7 access to cointrader96 and Litz, where they can ask for help or guidance in regards to any trading related topics.
Trading ToolsCHARTENGINEERS have a variety of TradingView and MetaTrader 4 indicators, which will help make trading more efficient. These indicators will be available on the platform with the corresponding guides on how to set them up.



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