G7FX Fundamentals 2021 Download

G7FX Fundamentals 2021 Download

Traders, Neerav here…

Since leaving the Institutional space I have noticed just how poor the understanding of how Fundamentals can help deliver a highly profitable trading edge is.

Imagine you could combine the already powerful Order Flow Edge I teach in the Pro & Foundation Courses with a truly WORLD CLASS understanding of Macro Trading.

Just imagine how deadly that combination would be….

Let’s be brutally honest for a moment; Retail Traders see a data calendar and focus on all the things that don’t matter or if they do they have an incredibly poor understanding of it.

They simply don’t know what to look at, how to interpret it, and end up making a complete mess of it. The result is huge losses, random decision making, and even worse, missed opportunities

At the other end of the spectrum, there’s the well known News Outlets and “expert” Economists who lack any understanding of what it means to develop edge as a professional trader. They focus on getting “clicks” and selling stories!

I’ve created the G7FX Fundamentals Course to bypass all that nonsense and help you develop the perfect hybrid between being an Institutional Trader and a truly Elite Market Fundamentalist.

This is the exact balance that the top Global Macro Traders in the world have perfected

I recommend you take the time to read through this page several times, to make sure this course is a good fit for you!

Are you using Economic Data to your advantage?

To be a highly profitable trader, looking at the CORRECT Economic Data is absolutely crucial. I cannot stress this enough.

Retail Traders are all over the place, scrambling around looking at everything possible with absolutely no structure in place. The end result is mass confusion and incredibly poor decision making.

I’ve worked with some of the best Global Macro Traders in the World, and in the G7FX Fundamentals Course I pass on the EXACT approach I learned to MINIMISE the amount of Fundamental Information needed whilst simultaneously MAXIMISING it’s effectiveness.

How ironic! I actually look at significantly less economic data than most but it’s effect on my trading decisions is stratospheric.

Why? Well there is one key difference between the traders who succeed, and the ones who don’t…

Average and struggling traders are frequently relying on the analysis done by others, where as the top traders are doing their OWN analysis.

Worse; this is the exact same information that every other trader is looking at! This means they’ve got NO EDGE. They’re doing the exact same thing as everyone else in the market.

This is NOT how Institutional Traders make decisions.

As a professional trader, you want to be able to develop your own edge by doing the opposite of what the 99% of traders out there are doing because let’s be honest, the majority of traders, aren’t making consistent monthly profits.

Read on to find out how G7FX Fundamentals completely changes the game in your favour!

WORLD’S FIRST: You will NEVER need to rely on a Public Economic Data Calendar ever again!



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