Shitcoin Revolution – How I Went from $100 to $100000 in 3 Months Download

Shitcoin Revolution – How I Went from $100 to $100000 in 3 Months Download

For making money Shitcoin are much better investment than Bitcoin and other Alt-coins because:

1- Low investment requirement ($100 or less)

2- Fast income turnaround (Few days to 1 year)

3- No need for identification for selling

4- No waiting for customers (Sell anytime you want)

5- Does not involve day to day trade in Exchanges

6- No technical knowledge requirement

Packed with step by step graphic tutorials and video links, this 50 pages guide cum case study is a first of it’s kind courses in MMO niche. The method does not involve hacking, spamming, cheating, ewhoring or gambling.

In addition to detailing my journey from just $100 to $100k just in 3 months, the guide is actually a look-over-my-shoulder course that teaches you every detail about Shitcoin.

After completing the course you will have the confidence to start like a pro.

You must be thinking for a while about my proof of earning! Yes, proof are inside the course. I can’t risk of revealing my portfolio here. Anyway here is a teaser. Rest are in the guide.

1. What are the shitcoins?
Ans: They are low value cryptos. More details are in the guide.

2. Do I need to invest?
Ans: Yes. You need investment. $100 is an optimum investment. You can invest lower amount but the more you invest the more you earn.

3. Do you guarantee profit?
Ans: Like I can’t make tea for you from here, I can’t earn for you. Earning depend upon your resource level, intelligence, application of mind and experience. I can just provide info about an investment opportunity and how to cash from it.

4. Did you make $100k? Where is proof?
Ans: Yes, I have made – made more than $100k and all proof inside the course.


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