Simpler Trading – Momentum Crash Course PRO Download

Simpler Trading – Momentum Crash Course PRO Download

Momentum Crash Course

Discover how to profit with historical moves

Join Danielle while she takes you through these historical market times as she reveals how the trading rules you’ve always know have completely changed (and why they had to). She will show you how she takes advantage of our new trading reality during the coronavirus crash of 2020. The market is comprised of frequent overnight gaps, intraday volatility and momentum moves, especially on an intraday basis. During these unprecedented markets, she will teach you how she consistently turns a profit within minutes. She will teach you her favorite times of day in the stock market to identify huge opportunities because the big movements the market (open and close), and how to nail these critical times like a pro. These strategies can be easily applied to both options and futures trading because it is about learning the momentum and feel, along with the high probability patterns in the markets. 

What Will You Learn?

Momentum Crash Course Strategy

Momentum Crash Course Recorded Live Trading

TrendStrength Turbo Candles

Coronavirus Trading 101



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