The Forex Organisation 2.0 Download

The Forex Organisation 2.0 Download

We have mentored students in our community to obtain Prop firm funding to the sum of $8,600,000 to date.

Could you be next?

Access to our online video courses teaching you the trading concepts and strategies from start to finish, suitable for all levels of experience

✓ 24/7 support from Mentors and Members around the world

✓ Access to the Discord community full of likeminded and driven individuals

✓ Daily case studies, Trade recaps and End of day market summaries

✓ London and New York session market outlooks from mentors and advanced students

✓ Sunday market breakdown video

✓ Free trading e-books library, resources, and PDF’s to help you master consistency in all areas on your journey to becoming a fully independent trader

✓ Affordable 1-1 coaching sessions to sharpen your individual trading needs

✓ Psychology Podcast series hosted by the mentors themselves along with trading mindset support for all members

✓ Share your analysis and compare trade ideas in real time with mentors and other students and members with designated and organised exclusive channels for each pair and concept we teach

✓ Synchronised backtesting channels where mentors choose a pair per day and we all backtest the same

✓ Community Zoom meet-ups for all members to share ideas, ask questions and get to know the team.

✓ Live backtesting sessions

✓ An ever evolving community producing fresh content weekly as we evolve as traders with the market to maintain our edge

  • What is Forex trading?Known as the foreign exchange market around the world, FX or currency trading is a decentralised global market where all the world’s currencies trade.It is the largest, most liquid market in the world with an average daily trading volume in excess of $7 trillion. Currencies are paired together and traded as the value of the base currency rises or falls against the counter currency.A currency’s value is based on the strength of an economy, political stability, interest rate, inflation, productivity, trade balance and risk and with the correct training anyone can profit form the market.
  • Who is The Forex Organisation 2.0 suited for?A: You’re new to trading and you’re wanting to get started along side a transparent, successful and established team of traders. You may know nothing or very little about the market and how it works but are serious about becoming a professional and profitable trader. OrB: You’ve got some experience and may or may not be consistently profitable yet.You are ready to commit and join the many full time and funded traders in the community and become the next success story here at TFO 2, Here we cater to both!Our main goal here at TFO 2.0 is to take you from wherever you are currently and help you achieve your trading goals.Our goal is to help EVERY member within the community obtain prop firm funding or teach you how to compound your own personal account.
  • Can I join from anywhere in the world?TFO 2.0 has members from all over the world in over 100 countries and 6 of the 7 continents. Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia, North America and South America. Sadly no Members from Antartica just yet!Our content is all recorded in English however we are currently looking at adding subtitles in many other languages to help cater to a wider audience.Everyone is welcome within our community.
  • Do I have to sign up to a broker?We are not affiliated with any brokers however we are happy to recommend brokers ourselves and the community have experience with in order to keep you safe.We highly recommend you to conduct your own research and decide which broker is best for you and the country you reside in as each country has slightly different leverage, laws and regulations.To begin with though we advice simply using a free demo account while you master the concepts.

Alix Inch –

TFO 2.0 Co- Founder

Founder of The Forex Organisation, Alix has come together with his long term friend and private trading partner to bring something new to the market.

Already a trader for 7 years and mentoring for 5 years.

He has mentored over 1,000 students and guided his mentees to over 8 million in funded Prop Firm capital investment.

Having taught face to face around the world he understands just how important it is

Dan Bunce –

TFO 2.0 Co- Founder

Trading for 5 years in total coming from retail strategies and has been full-time and professionally trading for 3 years.

Trading 6 figure investment capital and specialising in smart money concepts, institutional and price action trading from higher time frame analysis to lower time frame scalping.

Dan’s aim is to help others achieve consistency by using Smart Money Concepts and institutional methodology in their trading and essentially get funded capital whether it be via a proprietary firm or private investment and leave the 9-5 to obtain the freedom we all thrive for as traders.



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