Warrior Trading – Trader Rehab – Warrior Pro Download

Warrior Trading – Trader Rehab – Warrior Pro Download


Trader Rehab is a course Ross created for every trader who has hit a rough patch. While intended for those already trading, it can also be an excellent class for new traders to learn how to take a very strict risk management approach to their trading. Traders will begin by identifying the technical and/or emotional blocks causing their performance issues, dive into ways to overcome them, and finally develop a plan for turning things around and managing risk.

Trader Rehab is update to Warrior Pro program

Warrior Pro – Trader Rehab

New course as of 2022. 5 Hours and 18 minutes long.

Chapter 1: Introduction to Trader Rehab

Chapter 2: Technical / Mechanical Blocks

Chapter 3: Emotional Blocks

Chapter 4: The Trading Plan

Chapter 5: Can You “Survive Till You Thrive”?



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